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A Sampling of our Accessories

        Pond Treatments  Pond-Accessories  Aeration Systems  Fish  Pond Plants  Miscellaneous


We know that accessories provide that finishing touch to all gardens it can make the difference between an average looking garden to one that is more personalized and can reflect the personality of the home owner. We offer a wide variety of products that will fit everyone's tastes.


Pond Treatments

Using pond treatments can ensure that your pond is well balanced.  It will be free from the chemicals that are unwanted.

Causes for unbalanced ponds:

New additions of pond plants and/or fish.

Very warm or cool weather.

Debris and/or leaves entering the pond.

There are three major sections to start a new pond up.

1.  Fresh Start:  This product will make the pond suitable for wildlife by neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals and will provide the fish with a protective slime coating.

2.  Flora Boost:  This product will provide a balance for the micro-nutrients to help the development of healthy plants.

3.  Bio-Start:  This product adds a bacteria culture to start the biological cycle reducing the aging time required for the pond to be ready for fish.

Green Away - Helps clear organic matter from your pond.

Anti Ulcer - Is effective in treating gill disease and ulcers.

Anti-parasite - Controls white spots and slime coat.

Pond Guardian - It is specially formulated to provide fish health by reducing stress and stabilizing the PH level.


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Pond Accessories

Cedar Water  Wheel - 2' in diameter (hand made).

Pond Fogger - The serenity and mystery of a misty morning can be captured in your pond.


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Aeration Systems

These high performance air pumps add the oxygen to your pond for a healthy biological balance.  It comes in 2 sizes that will fit most applications.  500 and 1000 gal

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Fish  (Pond fish as low as 99 cents each or $10.00 per dozen)

Koi small medium large
Goldfish small medium large
Sarasa small medium large
Shubonkin small medium  
Calico fantails small   large
Red & White fantails small medium  

Fish Foods

We can supply you with all your food needs for your fish, just contact us and we can supply you with the correct product for your needs.

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Pond Plants (potted from $5.00 and up)

Marginals (shallow water)

Marginals are mature plants established in 4" or 6" pots.

Arrow head 4"
Bog Arum 6"
Bog Bean 6"
Floating Heart 4"
Forget-me-not 4"
Iris (Blue) 4"
Iris (Gerald Darby) 4"
Iris (Yellow) 4"
Mint-aquatic 6"
Sweet Flag 4"
Variegated Sweet Flag 4"
Water Strawberry 4"
Watercress 4"
Four Leaf Clover 6"
Four Leaf Clover (Patterned) 6"
Pennywort 6"
Water Poppy 4"
Primrose creeper 6"
Umbrella palm 4"
Spike rush 4"
Parrots feather 4"

More varieties are available.

Water Lilies

Hardy White assortment
Hardy Yellow assortment
Hardy Sunshine Yellow
Hardy Firecrest
Hardy Pink/Red assortment


Water Hyacinth
Fairy Moss



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Unfortunately we do not have the room to supply you with a complete listing of everything that we can supply.  If you do not see it listed here it does not mean that we do not have it available.  Just a few things that are not listed are pond kits, accents treatments and so on.  So please contact us if you have an inquiries.

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