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We provide installation services on all of the products that we sell. As every installation is unique to the homeowners specifications, needs and budget we will provide an itemized list of materials before starting any installation.

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We offer repairs to pumps, liners, filtration systems and any other part of your pond that you might be experiencing difficulty with.

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To ensure your level of satisfaction in keeping your pond at its optimal performance level we offer many maintenance programs.  You can be shown how to do it on your own or we can take the hassle out of your routine and do it for you.

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The design phase of the project can take on multiple directions.  You certainly have the option of designing your own layouts, but if you wish we can take on this whole portion of the project or we can work together to assist you to come up with your plan.

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Technical Support

Our technical support is available year round.  No matter what your concerns are we can offer solutions.  We can assist you with everything including fish, plants, equipment and accessories, seasonal maintenance and designing.

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Our quotes are FREE!  We offer quotes on complete Pond installations, Pond packages or any individual pieces that you might require.

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